Radio is a Powerful ‘Call to Action‘ medium.One of radio advertising’s benefit is its recency to ‘Point Of Sale’ or ‘Point Of Mouse’.As radio is often listened to while people are cooking, driving or surfing the internet, it can be an excellent medium for getting a message to someone when they may be about to visit the shops or clicking on a website.Whether you want to increase traffic on your website or have customers call you business telephone or better still want to engage with your potential clients or existing clients ,why not give us a call with your needs and if its not within our remit we will certainly refer the suitable radio station for you.

Here are some of the services we offer, Brand Activation,On Air Promotion, Digital Marketing, Co- Promotions Sponsorship’s, Fantastic Mixtures,Broadcast Public Relations, Creative Audio Productions, Drive to Web, Drive to Text, Outdoor Broadcast Services, Drive to Phone, Free professional radio script writing service.

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